The KREISEL CHIMERO is German calibration law certified

KREISEL Electric has received the official German calibration law certification for the innovative high power charger, CHIMERO. The certification confirms that the CHIMERO meets the legal requirements of accurate and transparent billing of electricity consumption for electric vehicle charging in Germany and other European countries. The KREISEL CHIMERO is one of the first battery integrated high power chargers, that fully meets all market and legal requirements, making it future-proof.

The certification process was conducted by the CSA Group, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services. The procedure consists of several modules that cover different aspects of the charging system, such as the metering device, the communication interface, the software and the security. The CHIMERO successfully passed the required module D, which approves the quality management system in production, guaranteeing highest product quality, as well as the module B Type-Examination. Charge point operators and end-users of the CHIMERO can take comfort in knowing that they will experience a proven, reliable, safe, and transparent charging process.

Markus Kreisel, CEO of KREISEL Electric, said: “We are very proud to receive the German calibration law certification for our CHIMERO, which is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. With this certification, we can ensure a fair and transparent billing of the electricity consumed, which is essential for building trust and confidence in the e-mobility market.”


The CHIMERO is a commercial DC high power charging platform that enables up to 180 kW CCS charging power with a low grid connection. Key to this technology is the integrated battery that avoids peak loads during charging. This unique setup enables high charge power experience with typical available grid connection (60kW). Integrated direct payment and multi-authentication options (credit card, e-mobility cards, ISO151118), paired with an intuitive design, enable a superior user experience. Click here for more information on the CHIMERO

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