Commercial Vehicle Electrification

No compromise in safety and performance

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Battery systems designed to surpass the highest requirements

Highest safety standards
No compromise in performance
Resilient to harsh environmental conditions
Unsurpassed lifetime

Light commercial vehicles

20h Uptime

Take your last mile delivery business to the next level. With a significant reduction in charging time, increased range and vehicle availability of up to 20 hours per day, you set new benchmarks for last mile delivery even with harsh ambient temperatures. This offers you plenty of new business model possibilities to delight your customers and gain new ones. We provide a variety of battery system scaling options to overcome the limitations of packing space and to find the perfect match for your project.


Heavy-duty vehicles

Higher margin

Stop equipping your trucks with numerous heavy batteries. Reduce your dead weight by installing fewer battery systems while maintaining the same range – regardless of outside temperatures.

The modular battery systems, with parallel and series connection of up to 800 V, create high flexibility for use in heavy-duty vehicles. A robust, compact, and flat design provides a perfect solution for demanding industrial and long-distance transport applications.


Highest safety standards

Advanced integrated battery safety features prevent battery fires in KREISEL battery systems, ensuring superior safety for passengers. KREISEL Electric’s commercial vehicle battery systems guarantee unsurpassed lifetime and downtime prevention, regardless of the given ambient temperature. The battery systems are designed to meet the high usage requirements while ensuring safety, durability and less carbon emissions.

Commercial vehicle battery systems

KREISEL Electric battery systems are designed to meet the highest safety, lifetime, and performance requirements. The modularity and scalability of KREISEL products facilitate a wide range of applications of up to 800 V.

Dominik Leidinger, Expert Commercial Battery

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