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KREISEL Electric is the exclusive supplier of the mandatory hybrid technology used in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and the battery system & powertrain in the FIA World RX1e motorsport series. We consistently push the limits of electric battery technology, and all our customers benefit from the newest developments in this challenging domain.

Highest performance
High C rates
High energy density
Exceptional ruggedness

High-performance motorsport battery systems


KREISEL Electric is partnering with the well-known German firm, Compact Dynamics in the hybridization for probably the world’s most recognized FIA World Championship with road-car-related vehicles.

World RX1e

KREISEL Electric is official supplier of battery systems for World RX1e participants.

E1 Series

E1 series and KREISEL Electric have joined forces to bring the world’s first electric powerboat championship to the water. KREISEL Electric will supply the battery for each electric RaceBird powerboat competing in the E1 Series, set to begin in 2023.

KREISEL battery systems in action

“To equip the world’s first all-electric racing boat, we needed a partner that could meet the highest standards of safety and immediate power and performance to create the next generation of electric motorsport. So we teamed up with KREISEL to develop one of the most powerful and efficient batteries, the E1 battery system.”

Alejandro Agag, Co-Founder & Chairman
E1 Series