Next level battery technology

What our battery technology is all about

Immersion cooling for superior battery life & performance

At the core of all KREISEL Electric battery systems is a superior thermal management solution– the patented KREISEL immersion cooling technology. This solution features non-conductive cooling liquid in direct contact with each individual cell, therefore achieving the most energy efficient cooling type. The unique low temperature spread (<1°C) throughout the module ensures that all cells are within the same temperature range, resulting in prolonged battery life and higher performance.

Thermal propagation prevention for highest safety standards

KREISEL Electric battery systems feature the highest volumetric and gravimetric energy density achievable in compliance with our advanced safety parameters. Intensively tested safety features hinder propagation and prevent battery fires. Thermal runaway tests are performed in-house, at stricter criteria than official norms, and have consistently demonstrated superior performance. The safety assurance that this provides allows for diverse usage of our batteries, including second life applications.

Modular system for maximal flexibility

KREISEL Electric battery technology follows the principle of modularity making the battery systems a perfect fit for a wide range of applications such as commercial, off-highway, marine, charging, and motorsports. The module structure allows stacking to be varied, enabling scalability and freedom of placement for a wide range of vehicle types.

KREISEL R&D for cutting-edge battery technology from concept to series production.

Benefit from cutting-edge battery technology

Superior safety

All our battery systems feature the highest volumetric and gravimetric energy density achievable in compliance with our advanced safety parameters. Incorporated safety features in each battery module provide outstanding prevention of fire propagation, controlled degassing, defective cell shutdown and much more.

KREISEL battery systems are designed to be compliant to all major marine standards and industrial regulations.

Unsurpassed lifetime

Our patented immersion cooling technology enables fast temperature adaption, therefore reducing cell aging to the minimum. Reliability and longer service life allows you to benefit from improved ROI through extended battery lifecycles.

Ultimate performance

Benefit from low derating through high C-rates for charging and discharging, and an improved overall system efficiency, regardless of the given ambient temperature. A minimal temperature spread is ensured, avoiding hotspots in high load scenarios.

Immersion cooled standard battery systems

The modularity and scalability of KREISEL battery sytems facilitate their use in a wide range of applications, of up to 800 V:

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