As part of the John Deere family, KREISEL is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

The John Deere Code of Business Conduct provides specific guidance to all employees. The Code outlines how we can and must uphold and strengthen the standards of honor and integrity that have defined John Deere since its founding.

Code of Conduct


Integrity is of the highest priorities at KREISEL. Now that we are part of John Deere and must meet the requirements of a U.S.-based, publicly traded company, including those related to financial reporting and auditing, integrity has become even more significant.

Therefore, if you encounter incidents that could compromise our corporate values or the adherence to our code of conduct, please contact your supervisor, the head of your business unit, the compliance officers, or send an anonymous message.


By phone or via web form: You can report concerns through the John Deere Compliance Hotline. There, the “Report a concern” button will direct you to the web form and provide an overview of local hotline numbers (toll-free, anonymous, available 24/7).

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