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At KREISEL Electric, we are pioneering the future of the off-highway industry electrification. Our state-of-the-art standardized battery systems empower construction, agriculture, and other applications to operate more efficient and reliable. Benefit from longer lifetime, safety and performance with best-in-class thermal management.

Seamless productivity

Our robust and efficient battery systems reduce your start-up time from hours to minutes. An efficient and uninterrupted operation is possible even in the most demanding conditions (-40 °C … +60 °C).

Maximium efficiency

Optimize available space utilization with flexible battery installation. Freedom of orientation combined with parallel and serial connection options allow for a maximum energy capacity of up to 1MWh.

Highest safety standards

Certified KREISEL batteries guarantee a reliable overall system that is tested to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

From a single source

With our in-house R&D center, we handle everything from pre-development to testing and validation, ensuring a seamless and future-proof battery technology for your machinery.

Construction machinery

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor operations, KREISEL batteries are safe and reliable. Whether in forklifts, excavators, or wheel loaders, KREISEL battery systems are scalable for both small and large applications. With high energy density, our batteries ensure you stay in operation longer to get the job done efficiently.


Increase your equipment’s lifetime and get the most out of it with immersion cooled KREISEL Electric battery systems.  Enjoy longer operating times, while maintaining the value of your machinery over a extended period. Our high-power battery systems ensure maximum performance, even under prolonged continuous load in severe environmental conditions.

Off-Highway battery systems

KREISEL Electric battery systems are designed to meet the highest safety, lifetime, and performance requirements.

KREISEL Off-Highway battery systems in action

John Deere and GUSS Automation introduce the world’s first fully electric autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer, the Electric GUSS. Powered by KREISEL batteries, this innovative machine operates entire shifts on a single charge, enhancing productivity and profitability for farmers.

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“With KREISEL Electric, we developed our first all-electric excavator, setting new benchmarks for the off-highway industry. The excavator prototype is just the beginning of the off-highway electrification portfolio.”

Grant Van Tine
Product Manager Electric Vehicles
John Deere Construction & Forestry

Michael Ortner, Expert Off-Highway Battery

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