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The CHIMERO is a commercial high power charging platform that enables up to 180 kW charging power with a low grid connection. Key to this technology is the
integrated battery that avoids peak loads during charging. This unique setup
enables a high charge power experience with a typical available grid connection.

Annual costs

Benefit from lower annual costs, due to lower grid commitment fees compared to conventional chargers with the same output power. 

Installation costs

Less installation costs, as a result of reduced investments in grid infrastructure (no grid upgrade needed).

Deployment time

Plug & Play features and low requirements on the grid side reduce permitting and lead times.

Output power

Enabling fast charging, up to 180kW realized with only 60kW grid connection.


Battery integrated charger for DC fast charging

Charging points
CCS Combo-2
Grid connection
60 kW
Battery system energy
115kWh (nominal)
Environmental conditions
-20°C to +40°C ambient temperature
Dimensions (H x W x D)
2.340 x 1102 x 1518 mm
1.976 kg
Communication protocol
OCPP 1.6j or 2.0.1

Easy PV Integration
Direct Payment & OCPP
Remote Services
Open datasheet

Key Benefits

Battery integrated charger

Fast charge everywhere

The integrated battery supplements the available grid connection to mitigate load peaks. 

Maximize your charge sessions

The CHIMERO recharges its battery while charging your vehicle, thus avoiding standby and waiting times.

Dynamic power allocation

Maximize your revenue

Smart dynamic power allocation allows you to achieve much higher turnover, due to higher availability of charging points. Compared to other solutions the power is distributed asymmetrically (e.g. 60/120) depending on the vehicles power requirements.

Direct payment & touchscreen

Maximize your customer satisfaction

The KREISEL CHIMERO saves you, and your customers, money and time. Integrated direct payment and multi authentication options (credit card, e-mobility cards, ISO151118), paired with an intuitive design, enable a superior user experience and a maximized target audience.

Ensure lifetime

Ensures maximum lifetime and utilization of your CHIMERO. Receive software & security updates and keep your CHIMERO well maintained with

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