Marine Electrification

Striving for a future with clean oceans

Marine battery systems designed for highest requirements:

As the electrification of cars and commercial traffic is the new standard, we now must take the next steps towards sustainable marine solutions. KREISEL Electric‘s goal is to contribute and stop ocean pollution through the electrification of maritime solutions. Together with our partners, we strive for a future with clean oceans!

High energy density
High safety standards – DNV certified
No thermal propagation
Unsurpassed lifetime

Pleasure craft boats

Highest safety & performance

KREISEL’s numerous successful projects and vast experience in the electric marine sector ensure that we can find a solution for any of your projects. The patented KREISEL immersion cooling technology ensures the best thermal performance with the highest volumetric and gravimetric energy density achievable in compliance with our advanced safety parameters.

Commercial vessels

Highest availability

KREISEL marine battery systems ensure unsurpassed lifetime, and mitigated downtime and derating, regardless of the given ambient temperature. Therefore, ensuring highest availability for permanent operation cycles. Intensively tested safety features and the DNV certification corroborate compliance with the highest safety standards.

Marine battery systems

KREISEL Electric battery systems are designed to meet the highest safety, lifetime, and performance requirements. The modularity and scalability of KREISEL products facilitate a wide range of applications of up to 800 V.

KREISEL battery systems in action

“Already in 2018 when Evoy was founded, Kreisel stood out from the crowd with their unique immersion cooled battery. Combined with battery safety that is second to none, Kreisel continues to be the go-to-partner for Evoy, especially with their DNV certification. We look forward to strengthening our partnership in the years to come and working towards our joint mission of cutting emissions on a big scale.”

Leif A. Stavøstrand
Co-founder & CEO

“For us it was important to accelerate quickly, to go fast and to reach far. There was only one battery on the market that was powerful enough to enable the performance we wanted, and that could also be certified for the marine environment.”

René Hansen
X Shore

“To equip the world’s first all-electric racing boat, we needed a partner that could meet the highest standards of safety and immediate power and performance to create the next generation of electric motorsport. So we teamed up with KREISEL to develop one of the most powerful and efficient batteries, the E1 battery system.”

Alejandro Agag
Co-Founder & Chairman
E1 Series

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