Research & Development

Pioneering battery innovation

Discover the synergy of our large R&D team, seamlessly blending Advanced Engineering, Product Verfication & Validation and Development, to shape the future of electric mobility. Explore the vital importance of our Inhouse R&D, where every innovation is meticulously crafted to enhance product and customer values – from safety and lifetime to exceptional performance.

Advanced Engineering

Pioneering cutting-edge battery engineering, our innovation spans from intelligent battery design to Li-Ion cells, setting new benchmarks for safety, quality, and performance always considering the design to cost approach. The integrated approach to battery architecture, cell qualification, CAE simulation, data science, battery management, and thermal management positions us as an industry leader in battery technology.

Product Verification & Validation

At KREISEL Electric, superior safety, quality and performance are our top priorities. That’s why we go the extra mile to guarantee outstanding battery performance. Our test procedures, tailored for both mobile and stationary applications, ensure that every aspect of our battery systems is rigorously verified and validated. 

What’s our secret to staying ahead? We operate our very own test center, allowing us to adapt swiftly and deliver results that exceed expectations. 


Our innovative development approach is designed for the perfect synergy of mechanics, electric, electronics, hydraulics, software, and electrochemical energy storage.
By following the Systems Engineering approach, we address these contents simultaneously on a systems level, to guarantee the development of innovative and high-quality batteries and battery integrated chargers. We employ cutting-edge methods and tools to apply immersive thermal management with selected fluids and materials, along with precision laser welding and state of the art materials and manufacturing technologies.

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