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Jennifer Preston
Michael Kulok
Johann Kreisel
Managing Director
Markus Kreisel
Managing Director
Sales & Marketing
Philipp Kreisel
Managing Director
Development & Technology 

KREISEL Electric global

Rooted in Austria but globally oriented, as part of the John Deere family, we aim to drive the future of e-mobility with sustainable battery solutions – today.

KREISEL Electric

The KREISEL Electric headquarters is located in Rainbach, Austria. Every day, over 200 employees contribute to pushing the boundaries of e-mobility and driving the sector forward. At our headquarters, we focus on the development of prototypes, small series, and our charging device infrastructure. Our R&D and testing departments are also located in Austria, ensuring that our battery systems meet the highest standards and customer requirements.

Our R&D Center

John Deere & KREISEL

Building an electrified portfolio is key to John Deere’s sustainability goal of pursuing new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of new products, and work toward zero emissions propulsion systems on equipment. Both, John Deere and KREISEL Electric, perceive a growing demand for batteries for off-highway vehicles. KREISEL’s in-market battery experience paired with John Deere’s off-road equipment engineering, manufacturing and distribution expertise is poised to change the future of off-highway equipment electrification. KREISEL Electric and John Deere are working to integrate KREISEL Electric’s battery technology into a broad portfolio of Deere Products such as turf equipment, compact utility tractors, small tractors, construction, and some road building equipment.

John Deere Electrification

International locations

In addition to the current production facility in Austria, KREISEL Electric will make use of two complementary manufacturing sites to expand production capacity, one in Saran, France and another in Kernersville, USA. The KREISEL Electric KBP63 battery system’s production capacity will be expanded by production at the John Deere plant in Saran, France. Additional battery assembly capacities will be achieved with lines in the United States. Expansion details are preliminary and not available for the public at this time.


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