KREISEL Electric Unveils CHIMERO 240 at Power2Drive in Munich


KREISEL Electric proudly introduced the CHIMERO 240 at this year’s Power2Drive. During a key note event, the latest advancement in their portfolio of battery-integrated high power chargers was showcased. This unveiling marks an adaption from the previous model, CHIMERO 180, with enhanced flexibility in grid connection and increased output power.

All about CHIMERO 240

Battery integrated charging has revolutionized the approach to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. With the CHIMERO 240, KREISEL Electric has taken this innovation to new heights. While both CHIMERO 180 and CHIMERO 240 versions provide efficient DC fast charging solutions, the CHIMERO 240 offers enhanced capabilities that address specific market needs.

The CHIMERO 240 is particularly well-suited for locations with high vehicle throughput, such as highway service areas, large commercial centers and charging hubs. The new generation of CHIMERO enhances the flexibility of grid connections, offering a range from 22kW to 120kW. This broad range provides adaptability for diverse energy demands, complementing the existing CHIMERO 180, which supports a grid connections from 22kW to 60kW. In addition to the flexible grid connection, the CHIMERO 240 features an increased output power of up to 240 kW, enabling efficient and reliable performance for more demanding charging scenarios.

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How you can benefit from battery integrated charging

Expand faster than the competition

Accelerate your expansion by avoiding long waits for grid upgrades. Benefit from easy and rapid deployment with plug-and-play installation and stay ahead in the market.

Provide reliable services

Get everything from one source: a mature and proven product backed by advanced technology with superior services and support. Ensuring your operations always run smoothly and efficiently.

Reduce operational costs 

Lower demand charges, reduced maintenance expenses, extended warranties, comprehensive services, and high efficiency all contribute to significantly reducing your operational costs.

Attract more customers

Offer more high-power charging capabilities despite grid constraints, drawing in more customers and boosting your revenue.

Event Highlights & Keynote

The booth event at Power2Drive Munich showcased the innovative spirit of KREISEL Electric. Attendees gathered to witness the first public presentation of CHIMERO 240. The keynote presentation provided an in-depth look at the advanced features and its potential impact on the EV charging market. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the charger’s intuitive user interface and advanced battery technology.

Overall, the Power2Drive event was a resounding success, drawing attention to the ability of CHIMERO 240 to meet the evolving demands of the charging industry and setting the stage for future advancements in battery-integrated high power charging technology.

Impressions Power2Drive

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