CutPower-Tower Installation at Lech am Arlberg

Lech am Arlberg, December 19, 2023 – The future of EV-charging has arrived in Lech am Arlberg with the official launch of the CutPower-Tower operation. The Grand Opening, held on December 18, brought together representatives from KREISEL Electric, CUT POWER AG, and local authorities, marking a collective commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The KREISEL CHIMERO, heart of the CutPower-Tower, stations offers a sustainable high power charging solution for electric vehicle users in the region, strategically located in the heart of the world-famous village.

CHIMERO – the heart of the CutPower Tower

The innovative CutPower-Tower is based on the proven KREISEL High Power Charger, CHIMERO, which enables fast charging with a low grid connection through its integrated battery.

“The uniqueness of our product lies in the fact to use 60 kW input power only, with the integrated battery system, we are capable of charging up to 180 kW DC,” explains Markus Kreisel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KREISEL Electric.

Equipped with two CCS chargeports, each charger can simultaneously charge two electric vehicles, with the power distribution being dynamic depending on the charging capacity and state of charge of the car. The CutPower-Tower is particularly deployed in areas where the otherwise required high grid loads cannot be provided due to regional or local conditions.

At the charging hub in Lech CutPower offers 2 CutPower-Towers with 4 chargeports, at a later stage this will be expanded to 6 high power chargeports.

Apart from high power charging, the CutPower-Tower focuses on user comfort and safety. Spacious parking dimensions enable easy entry and exit, accommodating larger vehicles seamlessly.

„The charging process is made user-friendly with an easy cable management, and an illuminated overhead shelter that shields users from snow and rain,“ adds Gideon Klaerner, Expansion- & Innovation Manager at CutPower. The charging stations are equipped with card readers for an easy payment process, supporting various cashless payment methods, including EC and credit cards, acceptance of all major charging cards and apps and can be even more simplified with the CutPower Card or App.

CutPower & KREISEL Electric partnership

This partnership between KREISEL Electric and CutPower brings together the expertise and technological know-how of both companies to drive the expansion of charging infrastructure and electromobility. This collaboration has previously enabled high power charging at locations with limited grid capacity, offering a significant advantage for other communities and areas facing similar challenges.

About CutPower

The Hamburg-based CUT POWER AG is a non-listed, independent corporation leading a group of companies in the field of climate protection. Their motto: GOODBYE CO2! CutPower combines capital market and climate protection interests and, at its own risk, invests as a multi-asset infrastructure provider in meaningful efficiency and sustainability projects in the energy and mobility transition environment. This includes facilities, systems, and solutions, especially private and public charging infrastructure for the booming electric mobility sector. The investment roadmap for the next five years includes over 6,000 fast and super-fast chargeports at more than 1,000 locations for charging hubs in Germany alone. Over 20% of these are already in rollout or operation, from Sylt to Chiemsee and from Cottbus to Hückelhoven. CutPower is part of the UNITED NATIONS’ RACE TO ZERO campaign and supports the European GREEN DEAL for climate neutrality. The project in Lech was invested by CUT POWER Austria GmbH, which is a 100 % subsidiary, located in Salzburg and responsible for the expansion of CutPower in the Austrian market.

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