F&S Enabling Technology Leadership Award Report

This report will illustrate how KREISEL Electric, is transforming the battery industry with its state-of-the-art battery technology. Frost & Sullivan’s rigorous evaluation process recognizes the company’s excellence in best practices criteria, making it the recipient of the 2023 European Enabling Technology Leadership Award.


  1. Europe’s EV Battery Market: The impressive growth driven by government initiatives, climate targets, and increasing reliance on green technologies.
  2. Superior Battery Performance: KREISEL Electric and its unique immersion cooling-based battery architecture and competitive advantages in terms of safety, performance, and lifetime.
  3. Battery Development and Market Expansion: The company’s approach to battery development, ensuring efficiency and top-notch quality at each stage.

By downloading this report, you’ll gain valuable insights into the company’s commitment to excellence, strategic partnerships, and its role as a market leader in the EV battery industry.

Download the Frost & Sullivan Report

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