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Kreisel Electric opens new high-tech research and development center as its headquarters

Press Release
19. September 2017
    • Kreisel Electric accelerates its international growth course
    • Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger acquires a stake in the company together with a group of strategic partners

    09/19/2017, Rainbach in Mühlkreis district

    Kreisel Electric opens its new high-tech research and development center as its headquarters today in Rainbach, Mühlkreis district, Upper Austria. The new location, which comprises almost 7,000 m2 of space, includes a prototype workshop and a completely automated manufacturing line for Kreisel Electric battery storage devices. These devices can be used in small-batch production of passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, buses, boats and airplanes, as well as in storage solutions. With the new location, where more than 200 employees will work starting in 2018, Kreisel Electric intends to accelerate its growth course and expand its e-mobility business internationally. “We have laid the cornerstone in Austria. From here, we now want to impress customers all over the world with our solutions,” said Christian Schlögl, the CEO responsible for strategic development at Kreisel Electric.


The Austrian federal chancellor Mag. Christian Kern is enthusiastic about Kreisel Electric‘s technology and is convinced of the company’s great potential: “I am very proud that Kreisel Electric is advancing the process of electrification in Austria and worldwide as the technology leader. Human ingenuity is the basis for innovation and technology and therefore for future growth and jobs. We want to be the pioneer in this regard and Kreisel is a successful example that proves two things: first, that you do not necessarily need to have studied at MIT or Harvard to found a successful company, and second, that we in Austria have the potential of playing in the top league.”

Kreisel Electric will be supported in the future by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and attorney Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger, nephew of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He leads a group of strategic partners that is purchasing a stake in Kreisel Electric through the U.S. company Clean Machine Inc. Knapp-Schwarzenegger and his partners maintain a worldwide network of prominent figures in politics and business, especially in the United States, and backed by their experience they will play a leading role in the international expansion plans. “The future belongs to Kreisel Electric’s technologies. California has already led the way by showing that jobs and profits can be generated with renewable energy technologies, and have a positive effect on the environment. Our goal is to make Kreisel Electric a global market leader in e-mobility and I am looking forward to working closely and successfully with the outstanding Kreisel Electric team,” said Knapp-Schwarzenegger.

New research and development center underscores Kreisel’s technology leadership

The opening of the new building, which is built in the shape of the Kreisel Electric logo, will enable the innovative provider of system solutions to grant licenses and manufacture small-batch runs itself in order to meet the increasing worldwide demand. In this way, Kreisel Electric will strive to further extend its technology leadership position internationally with B2B customers in Europe, the United States, India and Asia and reinforce its position as a global supplier of electricity storage solutions.

The new high-tech research and development center runs on power it generates itself. A 90m² photovoltaics plant (output: 250 kWp), a battery storage device with a capacity of 1,248 kWh, a 17,000-liter hot water tank and the use of waste heat and waste pumps help to generate the necessary energy to manufacture the batteries and feed power to its own power grid. The Kreisel Systems Division is responsible for planning and implementing the entire building concept.

Kreisel Electric makes electric automobiles safe, powerful, efficient and suitable for everyday use

Using modern technology and great engineering skill, Kreisel Electric manufactures the lightest and most efficient battery on the market, weighing less than 4.1 kg/kWh and has a power density of 1.95 dm2/kWh. The special casing of the battery cells boosts the range and lifespan of the batteries. A circulating, non-flammable and environmentally friendly fluid allows for excellent thermal management and the batteries are manufactured by means of an innovative laser-welding process. The maximum total charging capacity of up to 320 kW allows for quick charging to about 80% of the battery’s capacity or a driving range of 300 km in about 20 minutes. Compared to the conventional battery solutions of other manufacturers, the Kreisel system can increase the range of electric automobiles by up to 65%. The battery is more than 30 percent lighter than other manufacturers’ battery solutions and the production costs are many times lower, thanks to the fully automated Kreisel Electric manufacturing process. “This makes electric vehicles suitable for everyday use,” said Markus Kreisel, CEO of Kreisel Electric.

Kreisel Electric has already successfully retrofitted many combustion-engine automobiles to prove the technological capability of its batteries. Besides electrifying a Mercedes G-class for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kreisel Electric has also equipped the EVEX Porsche 910 with an electric motor featuring an output of 360 KW and a battery capacity of 53 kWh. These features, coupled with the company’s own automatic 2-gear transmission, allow for 0-to-100 km/h acceleration in 2.5 seconds and a maximum speed of more than 300 km/h.

Kreisel Electric will employ storage solutions in other industries as well

In addition to the innovative manufacturing technology for electric automobiles, Kreisel Electric also offers complete storage solutions for many other application areas and industries, as a solution provider. Apart from its application in transportation, aviation & aerospace, maritime shipping and home storage devices, the Kreisel battery technology is also well suited for a wide range of stationary infrastructure applications such as commerce, traffic, logistics, energy supply and real estate development. With Kreisel Systems, Kreisel will develop an eco-system around the battery’s use for stationary charging, energy and building systems. Because Kreisel Electric is focused on refining its battery technology, it will primarily grant licenses to partners to manufacture battery solutions and produce only small batches itself. “Through licensing, our unique business model is quickly scalable. Furthermore, we are a provider of system solutions and are not interested in high-volume production. We will meet the demand for high-volume series production together with our industrial partners, with whom we are already in a very advanced stage of negotiations. We are not and will not become an automobile manufacturer; instead, we will shape the future of e-mobility in cooperation with the automotive industry and their suppliers,” said Christian Schlögl, CEO of Kreisel Electric.

Kreisel Electric is particularly interested in the complete electrification of the fleets and motor vehicles of towns and cities, such as garbage collection fleets for example, but also public mass transit and taxis. To this end, Kreisel Electric is already in close contact with many manufacturers and fleet operators to define remits and develop municipal electrification concepts. Kreisel Electric’s technology will thus make a lasting contribution to improving the environmental quality and quality of life in towns and cities.


Exclusive prototype from Kreisel Electric with 360 kW output, 100 kWh capacity and nearly 300 km range

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With its unique battery technology Kreisel Electric is, according to global emerging tech consultancy Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in electromobility.