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Kreisel Electric fires the new ABT Audi RS6 hybrid rocket ship with its unique battery solution

Kreisel Electric, the young high-tech company from Austria, which consistently implements its vision of an electrical future with innovative products and solutions, is helping the world’s largest tuner of Audi and VW vehicles to accomplish what is probably today’s most spectacular hybrid project, demonstrating how the best of both worlds can be brought together.

ABT Sportsline is offering an exciting outlook into the future of tuning with a fully roadworthy prototype. The car, which is based on an ABT Audi RS6 with performance tuning, pushes into previously unexplored performance regions with its system output of up to 1,018 hp. The combustion engine and electric engine are also more closely integrated in this exciting hybrid project. The engineers have installed an additional electric motor in the propshaft tunnel to enable more boost on the rear axle at the push of a button. How this works is demonstrated by racing driver Daniel Abt in his video, in which he introduces the RS6-E and presses the “Magic Button” for the first time:

In the ABT Audi RS6-E, the key data of the combustion engine, which outputs 730 hp (537 kW) on its own, is already impressive. The difference to the 560 hp (412 kW) series production engine is attributable to the ABT engine control unit (AEC), developed in-house, and a modified exhaust system. The performance package is already available commercially as the ABT Power R. But the prototype has even more to offer. Whenever the driver wants to exploit the acceleration potential to the max, they can also use electric power at speeds above 100 km/h. Doing so releases 288 HP (213 kW) and 317 Nm of torque boost for a short time. All told, this results in a total system output of 1,018 hp and 1,291 Nm. Since the additional power is only enabled on demand, a compact battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh, provided by Kreisel Electric from Rainbach, is all it takes.

ABT Sportsline’s impetus for this ambitious project came from Kreisel Electric as well as from its own electric mobility department, ABT e-Line, and from the field of motor sports, where ABT sports is responsible, among other things, for the deployment of Audi’s Formula E vehicles. The RS6-E prototype anticipates the expected change in the tuning sector, which could result from the increasing use of hybrid vehicles and alternative drive systems. ABT Sportsline is well prepared for this future scenario and demonstrates with the RS6-E the potential which next generation performance enhancements have.

“It is especially in this high-performance sector that our unique Kreisel battery solution shows what it is really capable of”, the founders and managing directors of Kreisel Electric Markus, Johann and Philipp Kreisel are pleased to announce. “The electric motor supports the combustion engine and draws energy from the liquid-cooled Kreisel battery located in the rear end underneath the luggage compartment floor. For recharging, a little of the engine’s massive power reserve is diverted to the generator so that the battery capacity provides enough energy for a good dozen sprints,” the Kreisel brothers continue.

About Kreisel Electric

Driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive in all areas of mobility, KREISEL develop the lightest weight and most efficient battery solutions. This technology was already applied to e-karts, cars, buses and trucks up to boats and airplanes as well as stationary storage. Due to the special assembling and the innovative thermal management, batteries profit from the high-performance technology. Their stationary storage system was presented in 2016, followed by an innovative fast-charging station in 2017. To meet the global demand for battery packs, Kreisel Electric is currently erecting its factory for large-scale production in Rainbach, Austria.

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