We offer unique charging products using buffer batteries in order to give customers the highest flexibility and additional value-add through a variety of use cases.


One of the most important factors for the successful implementation of the energy turnaround is market penetration of electric mobility at the earliest possible date. The prerequisite for this is the infrastructure, in particular fast charging for electric vehicles. However, one of the major obstacles to a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure has been the disproportionately high grid connection costs.

CHIMERO Configurator
Charge super fast
selfmade or from grid
and connect to wallboxes




The low connection costs and the flexible and economical use of space of this Kreisel Plug & Play solution significantly shorten the ROI period.


CHIMERO HPC&EES is far more than a fast charging station and offers the operator a list of interesting refinancing models.


Optional integrated emergency power function can guarantee reliability for basic capacity utilization.

Fast charging

Either AC at 22 kW with a type 2 connection or DC at 150 kW with a CCS connection.

Peak shaving

Fluctuating demands on the power grid can be compensated by the integrated battery for peak-shaving purposes.

Grid service

Thanks to the high output capacity and the fast response times, balancing services can be provided and revenues generated.

Advertising space

The optional touch display generates additional sales opportunities, individually for each client.


Continuously generated data helps to serve customers more efficiently or optimize sales potential.


Charge with e-mobility card or use direct payment to maximize your target audience!
Virtual PINpad

Optimizes use of space

Contactless reader

Embedded in screen​

Mag-stripe reader

Read a wide range of cards​

Insert chip reader

Card insert reader slot

Additional features

Superior customer experience – only your creativity is the limit!

Color camera for customer interaction and biometrics

Microphone & Speaker

Two way communication

Scanning camera

Scan image for identification, loyalty & redemption vouchers

Bluetooth Beacon

Recognition and activation

Proximity Sensor

Switch modes and energy saving

Active lighting

LEDs to guide users​

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CHIMERO Configurator