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Our patented immersion cooling enables a significant improvement of lifetime.
Key improvements include:

Lowest temperature spreads of less than 1°C on pack level avoid early single cell aging

Cells have different internal resistances at different temperatures. Depending on the internal resistance, the current load is also unbalanced. Over a longer period, during which the cells are stressed differently, the aging effects are also unequal. Since the weakest element in the overall system, i.e., the oldest cell, always determines the performance and battery-life, it is important to us to keep the cells at an optimum temperature and charge them with a “feel-good temperature”, as well as keeping them at an identical temperature level. We call this “the one-degree-challenge”.

Superior lifetime under high loads in fast charging, high-performance and hybrid modes and applications

It is  not enough for us to take the heat away from the cells as quickly as possible, we also strive for absolute thermal equality. This is unique and one of our USPs.

Precise temperature ranges ensure constant best conditions for extreme cell-operations

This enables us to optimize the life of the cells and, in that way, the life of the entire battery, even for high-performance applications, such as hybrid drives. Since small batteries – like these hybrid batteries – need to generate extremely high power-peaks, the demands are even higher.

We conducted deep analysis of the cell behaviour and determined the right temperature for each load operation. This is the only way to avoid unintentional damage to the cells.

Fast thermal reactions allow best fit of operating strategy to required drive cycles

Since these load operations (various charge or discharge conditions) change during driving cycles, the temperature levels must also change – and this must happen pretty fast. Kreisel’s immersion cooling is the only market-ready cooling system that solves these requirements. For our customers this means reliability in terms of service life and always the best performance, without compromise.

Minimum flow rates provide best efficiency

Fast cooling usually means high volume flows. We take a holistic view of our system here and control the volume flow in such a way that it is optimal for each individual battery operation. This smart flow-control can only be achieved by our immersion cooling system with an extraordinary cooling liquid, with the result that the temperature difference between the fluid and the battery is up to 28% lower in Kreisel batteries compared to conventional liquid-cooled batteries.