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Battery Architecture

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Cylindrical 21700 Cells
Electrical contacting spring with fuse
Hollow block for direct liquid cooling

State-of-the-art cylindrical cells 21700, using the latest Lithium-Ion technology

Kreisel uses lithium-ion cells of the latest generation. Kreisel works exclusively with well-known companies that can produce the latest technology in terms of performance, safety, and quality. The 21700 format is establishing itself as the standard cylindrical cell format in which future developments in cell chemistry and new materials are incorporated.

The Kreisel single cell fuse safety feature

The serially connected cell in the adjacent module is electrically contacted via a patented contact spring. The cells of a module are joined by plugging them together. Due to the clamping force of the multiple spring elements, a lifelong holding force ensures a constant, very low contact resistance. The connection technology guarantees the best electrical conductivity values. In addition, we have designed fuse geometries into the spring elements, so that if the fault currents are too high, which occurs in very rare cases, the fuse is triggered and the defective cell is released from the cell combination. We call this USP, “single cell fuse”.

Hollowblock technology for direct cell cooling

The cells are surrounded by a non-conductive liquid. Thus the heat is dissipated very efficiently. The space surrounding the liquid is called Hollowblock. The challenge in designing the Hollowblock is to seal the cells in two areas around the circumference, so that no leakage occurs over the lifetime of the block. Here, Kreisel has developed robust solutions, a combination of material, geometry and fluidic parameters. We have protected our know-how with several important patents. The Hollowblock combines further functions, such as the controlled guidance of the liquid to create equal thermal conditions at each cell. 

Battery Characteristics


  • Highest safety in relation to energy density. 
  • Integrated features preventing propagation, even in the worst case of fire. 
  • Designed for meeting the highest safety standards in automotive, marine and stationary contexts.
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  • Immersion cooling ensures that the cells operate in the perfect temperature range.  
  • Lowest temperature spread within the packs provides significant lifetime benefits.  
  • Extended lifetime under high loads in fast charging, high-performance and hybrid modes. 
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Ultimate performance

  • Highest power (C-rates) for charging and discharging due to the patented immersion cooling.   
  • Proven in many applications on the road and racetrack. 
  • High energy density at package level due to smallest thermal management structure.  
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  • The module structure allows the use of various cell types. 
  • For new applications (PHEV, BEV, mild), different module and stack variants can be generated flexibly and easily by new configurations.  
  • This enables cost-effective application development and fast time to market. 
  • The future-proof module design is adaptable to future cell generations of various suppliers. 
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Simple patented module design uses limited parts with second source ability.
Proven automated production processes offer benefits from scalability, increasing throughput, and yield.

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