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Our module-integrated immersion cooling technology enables best-in-class thermal performance, leading to:

  • high volumetric energy density – up to 370 Wh / l (5 Ah cell in 36p standard Module).
  • high gravimetric energy density – up to 220 Wh / kg (5 Ah cell in 36p standard Module).
  • high C-rates without derating in most demanding used cases (e.g., fast charging, continuous discharge and hybrid applications).
  • Controlled temperature changes and keeping temperatures in narrow ranges.

Hybrid test demonstrates the increased cell performance.

  • Test shows best-in-class cooling performance and lifetime compared to closest competitor.
  • Cell-stress by extreme racing cycle up to 36C.

The acceleration possibilities of electric vehicles are undisputed and impressive. It is less impressive when high performance can no longer be delivered after only a few seconds because the battery is overloaded.

Thanks to the unique cooling technology, we were able to drive the famous Nürburgring at maximum power without going into an overload mode (derating = battery power is noticeably throttled down to protect it). We repeated this several thousand times and the battery was still in incredibly good state of health. This is where the performance of our smart cooling system becomes apparent.