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Our modular architecture using a “Lego” principle leads to:

Low development costs due to a platform approach for different applications

This is the goal of every platform: to reduce the complexity of a planned product portfolio. But what can be done if a new product is not yet known when the platform is developed? Kreisel has solved this task and developed a multifunctional module, which provides 2000 combinations of voltages, energy densities and power. The biggest advantage: short development times for new applications.

High flexibility due to production from one module line

This is a key point, which is derived from the management of complexity: The module line supplies many different battery variants. This saves costs.

Fast time to market and high scalability through validated modules and strings

Development times of 3 months to a testable prototype. In the industry, our module architecture has given us a significant time advantage, which our customers greatly appreciate: Prototype batteries with very high developmental maturity after the shortest development time.

Future-proof investments, as new cell improvements can be integrated into existing modules and thus into highly efficient production lines.

The development of new cell chemistries is progressing rapidly. The risk of battery lines becoming obsolete after a short time is therefore high!

Not at Kreisel: Thanks to our module design, we have adapted to future changes and, due to the high level of compatibility, we are able to change over very quickly and thus supply our customers with the latest technology as quickly as possible.