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Its modular architecture allows for the high voltage battery system’s design to be varied for a wide range of applications. Our patented thermal management and modular approach is the basis, so KREISEL Electric can guarantee superior safety, lifetime and ultimate performance for any use case.

Battery system KBP28

Our battery system KBP28 was developed together with an international partner from the construction industry. Requirements for the customized battery system were, therefore, a flat and robust design that isn’t only suitable for construction machinery and industrial vehicles, but also for applications in the commercial sector such as buses. The highest safety standards as well as enhanced lifetime and performance, all possible through our patented immersion cooling technology, are key characteristics of the KBP28.

Racebird battery system for E1 Series

KREISEL Electric was named the exclusive supplier of battery systems for the world’s first all-electric race boat championship, invented by E1 Series. A new type of race boat was developed, the so called Racebird, which employs hydrofoil technology, and enables the crafts to ”fly” over the water. These units required a battery solution with the lightest weight, superior safety, and maximum performance. KREISEL Electric battery technology was the perfect match for the creation of this spectacular event.

Battery system for last mile vehicles

KREISEL Electric, in a joint venture with an international last mile specialist, developed a battery system with the objective to enhance the future of commercial vehicles. Patented thermal management technology, ensures direct battery cell heating and cooling, mitigating downtime and promising the highest performance regardless of the given ambient temperature, adaptable for use cases on a global scale. The perfect combination of high battery capacity and outstanding energy efficiency, for improved range and significant reduction of charging time, providing the Dustin project with a significant competitive edge.

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