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Porsche Austria and Kreisel cooperate in the area of e-charging infrastructure

Press Release
11. January 2017

Porsche Holding has entered into a cooperation with Upper Austria’s Kreisel Electric and will in future distribute its fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. The aim is to set up an infrastructure with which future electric cars with a range of 600 kilometers and a correspondingly powerful battery can be charged within 20 minutes.

At the start of the Vienna Auto Show, Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG/Salzburg announced that it had secured the distribution rights for electricity storage technology of Kreisel Electric GmbH/Freistadt, Austria. Kreisel’s fast-charging stations support up to 320 kW and have a storage capacity of 92 kWh. They allow energy to be generated, stored and released locally in a sustainable manner. Allmobil GmbH, a subsidiary of Porsche Holding GmbH/Salzburg, distributes the Kreisel energy storage/fast charging stations, which already target the high power consumption of the VW I.D. Target groups of the charging stations, which can be used for all purposes of local power supply, are also other automobile brands and public institutions. Production will then be based on the orders in the new Kreisel factory currently under construction. Assembly at the customer’s site is carried out by Kreisel or local licensed electricians.

Integrated buffer unit enables high charging capacity

The clear advantage of the Kreisel Power Charger is the ability to store energy slowly and release it extremely quickly when needed. The Kreisel charging station contains a power storage with a capacity of up to 92 kWh, with which three VW eGolfs can be charged in quick succession. A charging power of 320 kW (850 V, 400 A) is thus no problem, and electric vehicles can be charged within 20 minutes. The Kreisel Power Charger can be charged via a photovoltaic system, for example, or more quickly via the 44 kW grid connection. Due to the intelligent control, a service life of more than 30 years is realistic. In future, the Kreisel Power Charger will be available at many parking lots throughout Austria.

“In the medium term, we would like to equip 30 Porsche Inter Auto outlets in Austria with fast-charging stations featuring integrated storage systems by Kreisel and operate them using photovoltaic technology”.
Alain Favey, Spokesman of the Management Board of Porsche Holding Salzburg

Already great interest in charging infrastructure

In terms of price, the charging station will be at a similar level to comparable charging stations, that do not have storage units. Thanks to buffering with stored electricity and a charging capacity of up to 320 kW, charging times of just 20 minutes will be possible; Porsche and Kreisel assume that battery capacities will double in the next few years – from 35.8 kWh for the current E-Golf with a range of 300 km (under ideal conditions) to around 80 kWh for foreseeable models with a range of 600 km.

The first fast-charging stations with battery storage units are expected to be built from mid-2017. Work on advance orders is already in progress. The target group is basically all interested parties, not just companies of the VW Group. In any case, many partners had already shown great interest in the Kreisel development, said Favey, who assumes that 100 VW Group retailers would potentially install such a publicly accessible station. Customers would still have to pay for the electricity. But given energy costs of two cents per kilometer, however, this is still very cheap compared with petrol or diesel. The stations will also have the three most widespread connectors for electric charging stations, according to Kreisel.

“Our goal is to democratize e-mobility and create a sustainable e-infrastructure system. Our vision is that our employees will use electric vehicles to drive to and from work in a completely energy neutral way, and with sustainably generated energy. We are looking to be the role model here. Of course, we would be very happy to see many companies, and not only from the automotive industry, follow us and join in with this movement”.
Wilfried Weitgasser, Managing Director of Porsche Austria and Porsche Konstruktionen as well as Chief Digital Officer

Charge, store and release very quickly

Kreisel emphasizes the fact that the charging stations can accumulate electricity slowly, for example, from photovoltaic systems, but then release it very quickly. The station can also be quickly recharged given a correspondingly powerful grid connection (44 kW is planned). Since state-of-the-art batteries maintained by modern electronics would not fail as quickly, Kreisel assumes that a service life of around 30 years is realistic – and even then the electronics would fail, rather than the storage capacity itself.

Twenty minutes charging time may seem long to some today and access to charging stations seems to be a problem in city centers, Kreisel admits. However, he assumes that supermarkets will soon be setting up charging stations to which you can connect your vehicle while shopping. Since batteries should not be fully discharged anyway, but should be repeatedly and quickly recharged, people will change their habits and charge batteries as a “side effect”. In the early days, mobile phones were advertised with standby times of one week; today, of course, it is assumed that they will have to be charged daily or even more frequently, Kreisel compares.

“Kreisel Electric is proud to cooperate with such a successful and experienced company as Porsche Holding Salzburg. Porsche Holding Salzburg has a huge amount of expertise and experience in sales and is therefore an ideal sales partner for Kreisel Electric product solutions. The market for renewable energy solutions is still very young and will grow strongly in the coming years. This makes an innovative and strong sales partner important to us, a partner who is willing to act accordingly, to establish the necessary structures and give customers assurance and confidence.
Markus Kreisel, Kreisel Electric GmbH

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