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Kreisel gets rid of infrastructure costs for fast charging

Press Release
3. December 2018

With the resilient E-Mobility Power Server CHIMERO Kreisel is now set to solve all the challenges of a nationwide charging infrastructure in one fell swoop.

It was only a matter of time before the young high-tech company from Austria, which consistently implements its vision of an electrical future with innovative products and solutions, also radically accelerated what had been a sluggish progress in the implementation of a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure. Now the time has come and the three Kreisel brothers are launching the production-ready Kreisel CHIMERO High Power Charger & Electrical Energy Storage.

“One of the most important factors for the successful implementation of the energy turnaround is market penetration of electric mobility at the earliest possible date. The prerequisite for this is the infrastructure, in particular fast charging for electric vehicles. However, one of the major obstacles to a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure has been the disproportionately high grid connection costs. So we thought that we should also solve this challenge,” says Markus Kreisel, one of the three founders and managing directors of Kreisel Electric.

There can be no denying that the forms of fast charging that have been common thus far pose an enormous burden for the grid, which is already facing excessive stress due to temporary peak loads; after all, the short-term high energy requirement for fast charging does lead to additional grid fluctuations. The more fast charging facilities, the higher the load on the grid. In addition to this obstacle to the nationwide growth of the charging infrastructure, there are the deterrently high grid connection costs, which far exceed the acquisition costs of conventional fast-charging stations. It is obvious that these total costs per charging point make any refinancing option appear unlikely for an indefinite period of time with electricity prices expected to fall in the medium to long term. At the same time, the automotive industry is clearly moving in the direction of smaller and lighter batteries, which is making the demand for a fast-charging infrastructure even greater.

The solution to this dilemma, which was implemented after intensive months of development and production time and then engineered to series production readiness, is the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES.

At the time of its market launch, the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES is already setting completely new standards, not only by fully meeting current and future infrastructure and electric mobility requirements, but also by making a large number of business and refinancing models a reality with its additional, innovative added value.

The integrated 75 kWh battery (usable energy content) can be fed with up to 55 kW and/or from renewable AC energy sources such as wind power or photovoltaic plants, making the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES a flexible plug & play solution for absolutely any location. This not only means relieving or stabilizing the grid, but also significantly reducing the potential investment risk. Thanks to the integration of the bidirectional battery system, it is possible not only to optimize in-house consumption (e.g., in combination with photovoltaics), to cover basic capacity utilization and ensure the highest possible energy self-sufficiency, but also to implement grid services and market participation with an integrated interface. The latter two points open up undreamed-of business opportunities for business owners who can, for example, establish a network appropriate to their size or branch structure and thus create a swarm storage network of fast charging facilities.

“The Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES, with its compact design and small footprint, is a best-of integrating everything we have to offer in terms of technology,” says Philipp Kreisel, also a founder and managing director of Kreisel Electric. “And the additional features are self-explanatory: intuitive operability via a 9″ HMI touch display, integration with most popular activation and payment systems as well as parallel AC and DC fast charging via CCS and Type 2 connections”, Philipp Kreisel continues.

Johann Kreisel, the third founder and managing director of Kreisel Electric, emphasizes the fact that the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES is the breakthrough in terms of a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure for both private and commercial users, citing the following seven business and refinancing models, which are also part of the Kreisel innovation bundle:

  1. Economy:The low connection costs and the flexible and economical use of space of this Kreisel Plug & Play solution significantly shorten the ROI period.
  2. Fast charging: Either AC at 22 kW with a type 2 connection or DC at 150 kW with a CCS connection.
  3. Market participation: Due to the high input and output capacity of the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES, widely fluctuating, low or negative electricity prices on the exchanges can be hedged by offloading electricity from the grid, buffering it in the integrated battery and then deploying it, for example, in peak-shaving purposes later on. This results in a significant reduction of the cost burden for large customers.
  4. Grid service: Thanks to the high output capacity and the fast response times of the Kreisel CHIMERO HPC&EES, balancing services can be provided and thus revenues generated.
  5. Self-sufficiency:  Optional integrated emergency power function and integration of renewable energy sources such as wind or solar can not only save money, but also guarantee reliability for basic capacity utilization.
  6. Advertising space: The optional big touch display generates additional sales opportunities in the form of advertising which can be adjusted to reflect the individual needs of each customer.
  7. Data: The data continuously generated by the Kreisel CHIMERO help to serve customers in an even better way, while at the same time optimizing sales potentials and refinancing cycles for operators.

Thus the Kreisel CHIMERO’s provocative sounding name is anything but a “chimera”, but instead the reality of an resilient E-Mobility Power Server that blazes the trail in an electrified world.

About Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG

Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG, based in Rainbach, Austria, is a solution provider offering comprehensive system solutions for all areas of e-mobility and stationary applications. The company was founded in 2014 by the three brothers Johann, Markus and Philipp Kreisel and has been one of the pioneers of a new era of e-mobility and electrification in the world ever since.

Originally driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive into all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries. The company’s projects now range from passenger cars, buses and trucks to boats and airplanes as well as stationary storage solutions.


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