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Kreisel Electric builds factory in Upper Austria

Press Release
2. May 2016

The Austrian developer and manufacturer of high-performance battery packs for electric mobility and stationary energy storage systems, Kreisel Electric, expands its production capacities for the most powerful battery packs available on the market to 800,000 kilowatt hours per year. The construction works for the new battery factory “3K One” are starting today. The factory will be established on a total surface of 6,276 square meters (resp. 67,554 square feet) and equipped with a fully automated production line.

Ground-breaking new battery factory

Until its opening in March 2017 up to 70 jobs will be established. The highly innovative battery technology by Kreisel has already impressively proven its performance ability many times. The company also realizes complex projects, including the development of power trains, charging technology and software in collaboration with its industrial partners.

Due to the particular assembling of the batteries and the innovative thermal management the current product generation features an advantage of 20 percent more usable capacity available in comparison to the products of the main competitor. With a weight of only 4.1 kilograms (resp. 9 pounds) and the tiny volume of 1950 cm3 (resp. 0.43 gallons) the Kreisel battery reaches a capacity of 1 kilowatt hour – an outstanding power density in comparison with competitors. In assembly with an electric car the guaranteed service life of the currently lightest battery on the market is 400,000 kilometres (approx. 250,000 miles).

In its first expansion stage, the factory, which is due to open in March 2017 in Rainbach, Austria, can produce batteries with a capacity of 800,000 kilowatt hours per year. Due to the highly automated manufacturing process the serial assembly of the battery technology is particularly fast (15 seconds for each kilowatt hour) and thus very economic. Within a quarter a duplication of the production capacity is feasible.

Prospectively the three equally sized parts of the building will be used for battery production, as well as for technical development of prototypes and small batch productions. The last section of the building will host the software and engineering development and the offices. The roof of the factory will be equipped with a photovoltaic system with a 200 kilowatt peak output. The generated solar power will be stored in stationary Kreisel batteries (of 1,000 kilowatt hours) to secure the continuous power supply for building and charging stations. The heat supply is ensured by using the waste heat from the manufacturing machines together with thermal heat pumps.

Kreisel as a battery technology producer

With this innovative battery technology Kreisel Electric positions itself as one of the few European manufacturers for mobile and stationary energy storages. Also by the successful implementation in retrofitted vehicles, formerly powered by a combustion engine, Kreisel Electric proved the outstanding product properties regarding power density, compact construction, short charging times, high level of safety (liquid cooling) and the high guaranteed service life.

Amongst these individually converted vehicles are a Porsche Panamera with a total electric (operating) range of 450 kilometres (resp. 280 miles) without speed reduction (up to 300 km/ h resp. 186 mph), a Skoda Yeti and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Besides that Kreisel cooperates with manufacturers, fleet operators, as well as with cab and transport companies. The result is either the production of a custom-made small-scale series with up to 500 vehicles or Kreisel supports the company in establishing and operating a licenced production of its battery technology.

Another highlight is the implementation of a Kreisel battery in the e-Golf by VW: the high- voltage battery is mounted between the axles and currently features a capacity of 24.2 kilowatt hours at a weight of 330 kilograms (approx. 730 pounds). The installation of the Kreisel battery pack enables a higher capacity of 55.7 kilowatt hours, while the required installation space and the weight remain identical. Thus the e-cars driving range in accordance with the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) improves from 190 to over 430 kilometres (resp. from 120 to 267 miles).

About Kreisel Electric GmbH & CO KG

The passion for speed motivates the business activities of the three Kreisel brothers from Freistadt, Upper Austria. In 2014 Philipp, Johann jun. and Markus have started developing light weight, compact and efficient battery solutions for numerous projects at the Kreisel Electric GmbH. Their aim is to integrate electric drive in all areas of transport and mobility sectors. The range of implemented applications includes e-karts, jet skis, electric bikes and scooters, as well as cars, busses and commercial vehicles all the way to ships and airplanes. The company also realizes complex project, including the development of power trains, charging technology and software in collaboration with its industrial partners.

Due to the special assembling and the innovative thermal management, mobile and stationary power storages profit from the high-performance battery technology developed by Kreisel. To meet the global demand for battery packs, Kreisel Electric is currently erecting its first factory for large-scale production in Rainbach, Austria. At a range of other locations the storage battery packs will be produced under licence by partners who are manufacturers, fleet operators, and cab or transport companies.

Markus Kreisel, co-managing director of the Kreisel Electric GmbH, will be glad to schedule interviews or provide background information. Please send your inquiries – also if you would like additional press information – to Cleantech Media under or +49 341 52576050.


Porsche Holding has entered into a cooperation with Upper Austria's Kreisel Electric and will in future distribute its fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.

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