Driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive in all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the lightest weight and most efficient battery solutions worldwide. The Kreisel Battery Technology is used in sports cars, all-terrain vehicles and transport vehicles, alternative power solutions for planes and boats as well as stationary storage solutions.

Battery pack assembly

The whole assembly of our unique battery packs is carefully planned and carried out in Freistadt. Constant supervision and highest quality standards are necessary to manufacture a highly efficient battery for the automobile industry. Perfectly prepared staff, high quality tools and ISO 9001:2015 certification ensure error free and sustainable products.

Perfectly accurate through laser

With our advanced laser soldering technique we achieve the low weight and high energy density of the Kreisel battery pack. Our battery components are assembled especially accurately and efficiently due to our highly automated manufacturing process. Meticulous research and the strong will for constant improvement make Kreisel Electric a leading battery manufacturer worldwide.

Exact CNC production

Vital parts are produced directly in Freistadt by skilled professionals, using state of the art equipment to fulfill exacting manufacturing demands. Immediate post-production inspection maintains our standards of perfection and satisfaction. An optimized workflow streamlines production.

Prototype manufacturing

To prove that innovation is feasible, it is best to create it in reality.

That’s why we work hard, hands on, to manifest and test brilliant ideas in tangible form. In our research and production center, we personally design and build fully functional and licensed prototypes of futuristic electrical vehicles. We take full responsibility for all prototype production stages to protect our innovative advantage while perfecting the synergy of engineering and production.


The success of a project is defined by the sum of many individual contributions. The ideal combination of high quality components and the highest level of expertise produces optimum solutions.

Engineering & Simulation

Every project starts with careful overall planning. The ultimate result is a perfect interplay of sophisticated components, highly efficient electrical parts and elaborated software solutions.