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One of the most important factors for the successful implementation of the energy turnaround is market penetration of electric mobility at the earliest possible date. The prerequisite for this is the infrastructure, in particular fast charging for electric vehicles. However, one of the major obstacles to a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure has been the disproportionately high grid connection costs.

Business models   Technical Specs

With the resilient E-Mobility Power Server CHIMERO Kreisel is now set to solve all the challenges of a nationwide charging infrastructure in one fell swoop.

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Fast charging without grid fluctuations

The common forms of fast charging pose an enormous burden for the grid, which is already facing excessive stress due to temporary peak loads; after all, the short-term high energy requirement for fast charging does lead to additional grid fluctuations. The more fast charging facilities, the higher the load on the grid. In addition there are the deterrently high grid connection costs.

With the integrated battery storage in CHIMERO, electric cars can be fully charged quickly without straining the grid. This makes it a flexible plug & play solution for any location. The integrated battery can be charged from the grid or from renewable energy sources such as wind power or photovoltaic plants.

Business opportunities

Thanks to the integration of the bidirectional battery system, CHIMERO HPC&EES makes a contribution to partial self-sufficiency for fail-safe operation of basic load utilization. It is also possible to optimize self-consumption (e.g., in combination with photovoltaics) via an Energy Management System (EMS). Even grid services and market participation can be implemented through intelligent interfaces.

CHIMERO HPC&EES creates completely new business and refinancing models for private and commercial users.

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Push the energy revolution

CHIMERO HPC&EES is the breakthrough in terms of a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure for both private and commercial users.

Business models

CHIMERO HPC&EES is far more than a fast charging station and offers the operator a list of interesting refinancing models.



Optional integrated emergency power function can guarantee reliability for basic capacity utilization.


Fast charging

Either AC at 22 kW with a type 2 connection or DC at 150 kW with a CCS connection.

Peak Shaving_Tuerkis_Linie

Peak shaving

Fluctuating demands on the power grid can be compensated by the integrated battery for peak-shaving purposes.


Grid service

Thanks to the high output capacity and the fast response times, balancing services can be provided and revenues generated.

Touch Screen_Tuerkis_Linie

Advertising space

The optional touch display generates additional sales opportunities, individually for each client.



The continuously generated data helps to serve customers in a better way or optimize sales potentials.

The low connection costs and the flexible and economical use of space of this Kreisel Plug & Play solution significantly shorten the ROI period.

Technical Specifications

Charging points Type 2 (AC) 22 kW
CCS (DC) 150 kW
Grid connection 3-phase, TN
400 V AC / 50 Hz
max. 55 kW
Battery system Lithium-Ion technology
75 kWh usable energy content
Monitored and active heating and cooling system
Operating conditions -25°C to +50°C ambient temperature
IP54 / IK10
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.310 x 1.000 x 2.340 mm
Weight 1.976 kg (standard model)
Communication standards OCPP 1.6
RFID card reader
Ethernet RJ45 TCP/IP
Modbus RS485

Let’s create infrastructure together

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