High-Tech from Salzburg powers Kreisel built all electric Mercedes G-Wagon

High-Tech from Salzburg powers Kreisel built all electric Mercedes G-Wagon

By 16. August 2017 Allgemein

Mubea Carbo Tech located in Salzburg equips the all-electric G-Wagon based on a Mercedes G 350 d built by Kreisel with the latest carbon hybrid wheels.

The forerunner in electric mobility Kreisel Electric, a close partner of Mubea Carbo Tech, has electrified the off-road classic Mercedes G-Wagon (Model 2016) and presented it to the worldwide public for the first time in Kitzbühel, Austria. A special lover of this type of vehicle has made an important contribution to its design and development: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He will test drive the prototype in Los Angeles and and develop it further together with Kreisel Electric.

“Our aim at Kreisel Electric is to always be one step ahead, which requires the integration of the most innovative products and solutions provided by the best cooperation partners. Mubea Carbo Tech offers the kind of wheels which live up to this unique vehicle and its extraordinary driver.”, says Christian Schlögl, CEO of Kreisel Electric.

The innovative wheels built by the Salzburg based carbon products specialist save 6,5kg per wheel even in the mighty dimension of 9,5 x 21. Compared to conventional aluminium wheels the overall weight saving for the whole vehicle amounts to 26kg. The weight reduction in this most effective area of the vehicle (unsprung and rotating masses) not only leads to a significant reduction of consumption but also to considerably improved driving dynamics. The results are a faster acceleration (app. 0,2s), better handling as well as a reduced braking distance of 2m. Furthermore there is an improved damping of the rolling sound of the tyres, which is why the usage of this type of wheels causes audibly less noise. Applied on the all-electric-G-Wagon the carbon hybrid wheels by Mubea Carbo Tech additionally increase the range by 15km.

This innovative technology has been manufactured by Mubea Carbo Tech since the beginning of 2016 in a unique and patented serial production process for renown companies in the automotive sector. Currently there are numerous development and prototype projects for high-end vehicles of the future underway. Especially electric vehicles face the challenge of compensating the additional weight of the battery elsewhere. The usage of lightweight carbon hybrid wheels can make an essential contribution due to their unsprung and rotating masses.

About Mubea Carbo Tech

Mubea Carbo Tech is a high-end manufacturer of composite components. The main focus of Mubea Carbo Tech is on complete consistency from the projection through to construction, strength design, model building, mold making and final testing. In this way the customer has a partner for a cost-efficient total solution, whether it’s the manufacture of a single prototype or a whole series. In order to manufacture high-end composites, extensive hardware and software solutions are required. That´s the reason why we are a ” Tier 1″ supplier.

About Kreisel Electric

Driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive in all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the lightest weight and most efficient battery solutions worldwide. This technology has already been applied to e-karts, cars, buses and trucks up to boats and airplanes as well as stationary storage. The special assembly and the innovative thermal management are determining the high-performance of Kreisel Electric’s battery technology. The Kreisel Electric stationary storage system was presented in 2016, followed by an innovative fast-charging station in 2017. To meet the global demand for battery packs, Kreisel Electric will be opening its new factory and headquarters in Rainbach, Austria in 2017.