Electric aeroplane Elektra One with Kreisel Battery Technology

By 27. November 2014 Allgemein

Elektra One is a single-seater electric aeroplane featuring the very latest aerodynamic design that is easy and safe to fly. This innovative aeroplane was developed by PC-Aero in Nesselwang, Bavaria / Germany. Two ultra-lightweight battery units from Kreisel with a total weight of just 64 kg provide the efficient and reliable energy supply for a range of 400 km with a flight duration of three hours at a speed of 160 kph.

In addition to the advanced glass/carbon-fibre construction, key innovations include exceptional propeller efficiency (90%) as well as a highly efficient electric motor (13.5 kW continuous power). The extremely low noise level (less than 50 dB) at an in-flight propeller speed of 1400 rpm also highlights the very environmentally friendly design of this plane. Operating costs are less than €35/h or €0.2/km. The investment costs for the entire system consisting of electric aeroplane/solar hangar/energy is currently below €100,000. Used with a solar hangar, CO2 emissions amount to almost zero.

Flight over Lake Zürich

Performance data

Electric aeroplane Elektra One
Max. weight300 kg
Weight empty100 kg
Max. battery weight64 kg
Load100 kg
Wingspan8.6 m
Wing area6.4 m²
Max. power output16 kW
Max. rangeOver 400 km
Max. flight durationOver 3 hours
Travelling speed160 km/h
Aspect ratio11.65
Lift/drag ratio25
LicencingLTF-UL Germany
ALI BATT 48/5800 Aircraft Lithium Ionen Battery
Nominal voltage50.4V (48V)
Ampere hours116Ah
Energy content5.8kWh
Discharging constant300A
Charging constant54A
Charging max.108A
Battery weight total32 kg
Constant load on battery15 kW

The PC-AERO company

PC-Aero GmbH specialises in aircraft development and licencing. The company’s far-reaching experience covers all classes of aeroplane: ultralight, small aircraft (FAR/CS 23), business aircraft, as well as military and transport aircraft. Calin Gologan – founder and managing director of PC-Aero – has more than 30 years of experience in aerodynamics, aircraft mechanical engineering and simulation as well as structural calculations and load testing. Among other things, Calin Gologan is known for the development of the ultralight aircraft Pretty Flight, which was approved with a German type-certificate on 25 September 1998.

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