As part of the annual Austrian World Summit, which is organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20 climate protection initiative, the first Austrian World Summit Innovation Award was presented in front of the Hofburg in Vienna on June 20. The Innovation Award once again underscores Kreisel Electric’s role as an international pioneer in the development of advanced technologies in the e-mobility sector. In January of this year, the Austrian company presented the electric conversion of a luxury SUV based on the Mercedes G-Class together with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger, who has been advocating for a clean future for years, was clearly excited about the result during today’s presentation ceremony in front of the Hofburg in Vienna. The vehicle will now be shipped to California. Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger made the following statement: “I’m already very excited to see Arnold drive this car in the USA in order to show what can already be achieved with e-mobility: a beautiful Mercedes that’s no different from any other SUV in terms of its outward appearance, but distinguishes itself through its green inner workings. I’m confident that with projects like this, we can get people all over the world excited about actively making a difference for our climate, our environment, and thus for our future.”

An Austrian e-mobility sensation for the world

The former governor of California also made an appearance as a speaker at the internationally distinguished conference, which showcases courageous pioneers and successful best practice solutions in the field of sustainability and climate protection. Following his speech, in which he emphasized the importance of the Paris Agreement and new developments in green industry, he presented the Innovation Award 2017 to Kreisel Electric for their conversion of a Mercedes G-Class. The Upper Austrian company is making history with this project.

Kreisel Electric to enter US market: new company to be founded in 2017

The CEOs of Kreisel Electric – Philipp, Johann, and Markus Kreisel as well as Christian Schlögl – were on hand at today’s presentation to accept the Innovation Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Christian Schlögl had the following comment: “Naturally, it’s a tremendous honor for us to have the privilege of accepting this award and thus the recognition of our development work on behalf the entire company. We are a young company that was founded two years ago, and are extremely happy to be among the global leaders with our e-mobility projects. We only recently opened our new location in Rainbach, Upper Austria, and plan to have 200 employees by 2018. The next logical step for us is California, where we will continue to work with our partner Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger and further deepen our collaboration.”

About Kreisel Electric

The Kreisel family has been active in the electronic engineering industry for more than 35 years. Brothers Philipp, Johann, and Markus combine their various talents to work towards a common goal. Philipp is a mechanical engineer, Johann an electronics engineer, and Markus Kreisel contributes his business expertise to the team. Driven by the vision of integrating electric drives into every area of mobility, KREISEL develops the lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries in the world. The company’s projects range from e-carts, passenger cars, buses, and trucks to boats, airplanes, and stationary storage solutions. The special assembly and innovative thermal management are decisive for KREISEL’s high-performance battery technology. The company unveiled its stationary power storage system in 2016 and an innovative quick charge station in 2017. In order to satisfy the global demand for its battery packs, KREISEL Electric opened a new location in Rainbach, Upper Austria, in 2017.

About the Kreisel Electric G-Class:

The all-wheel electric drive in the Electric G-Class offers full off-road mobility and 100% climbing power with maximum driving pleasure. Two electric motors produce a maximum output of 360 kilowatts and offer plenty of power, enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.6 seconds. The innovative battery technology allows for quick charging with up to 150 kilowatts. The compact design of the Kreisel battery systems makes it possible to install two battery packs with a total capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours. As a result, the vehicle has a range of around 300 kilometers.

Vienna, 20th June 017  /  Photo Copyright: R20  /  Photographer: Martin Hesz