Kreisel Battery Technology

The sustainable Innovation

The special manufacturing and the innovative thermal management are crucial for the performance, safety and longevity of the Kreisel battery technology. The efficient design also enables cost-effective and fully automated production.

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Motor sports



Durable and safe

The cells inside a Kreisel Battery Pack are constantly flushed with a special liquid so the battery has the perfect temperature at all times. Even at high load, e.g. during acceleration, fast charging or low environment temperatures, the cells remain in the optimal temperature range. This increases the life span and safety of the battery.



Efficient and powerful

The laser connection technology and the unique contacting of the cells ensure minimal electrical resistance and an unmatched degree of efficiency. The compact arrangement of the cells and the innovative integrated cooling system allow a maximum energy density and thus small space requirements.



Long lasting performance

Thanks to the integrated thermal control system using a special liquid, the entire battery always remains within an optimum temperature range. Thus, the Kreisel technology is particularly suitable for high-performance applications and for motor sports.

EVEX Porsche 910e   SAY 29E

Kreisel Battery Pack

In addition to custom-made products and special solutions, we also offer standard battery packs that combine all the benefits of the Kreisel technology in one package.

Kreisel KBP60

High continuous power and maximum energy density.

Kreisel KBP60

Ideal for




Technical specs

Battery system Lithium-Ion cylindrical cells
NMC 18650
Energy content 59 kWh (nominal)
52.6 kWh (usable at 90% DOD)
47 kWh (usable at 80% DOD)
Discharge power 180 kW max
Charging power 33 kW
Voltage 370 V (nominal)
Energy density 207 Wh / l
155 Wh / kg
Cooling system Integrated patented liquid cooling
Optimum temperature control of the cells within minutes
(e.g. heating from -5°C to +15°C in 15 minutes possible)
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.176 x 704 x 370 mm
Weight 361.4 kg
Battery-Level B-Sample
ECE R 100.2 Tests passed
Module-Level UN38.3 certified

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Kreisel honored by Frost & Sullivan with the 2017 European Electric Vehicle Technology Leadership Award.