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Electric Kart World Record: 0–100 kph in 3.1 seconds

Press Release
28. June 2014

Our ambitious objective was to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in less than 3.45 seconds. At the traditional 3-day kart race in Ischgl/Tirol on 28 June 2014, we finally had an opportunity to break the official World Record. We were delighted to have Caterham Formula 1 test driver Robin Frijns behind the wheel.

Robin Frijns gears up for the showdown in Paznauntal.

The heat is on – Robin checks the temperature of the tyres once again.

Reaching the climax – the first fractions of a second of the record attempt.

The spectators are loving it! 0 to 100 in record time.

“A new World Record: 3.1 seconds!”, announces the commentator.

Our team and the record-breaking driver are delighted.

An emotional moment. Get out the champagne!

Robin Frijns signs the front spoiler of our World Record vehicle.

Fans, employees, competitors and families are all proud of the World Record result!


The Kreisel Electric Transporter is a highly efficient van with a load capacity of 3.5 t – a goods vehicle of the highest quality with a drive system of the future.