New Kreisel Traction Batteries – Even Lighter and Safer

By 19. Juni 2015 Allgemein

With around 5 kg/kWh and approximately 2.7 dm³/kWh, the Lithium-Ion battery packs made so far by Kreisel were already among the lightest available. Now we have managed to reduce weight and volume even further, at the same time as increasing range and safety. At 4.1 kg/kWh and 1.95 dm³/kWh, the new Kreisel battery module is available immediately as the lightest battery pack on the market and features as an option both active heating as well as an efficient cooling system.

Kreisel Electric GmbH has been working for years on enhancing electric-powered cars as well as investing intensive research in optimising the electric driveline. We have been focussing our efforts especially on the traction battery for all types of electric-powered vehicles. Weight, volume, safety and series production compatibility are the main challenges. Kreisel Electric has achieved a breakthrough in precisely this area.

Thanks to the new technology, we can produce a capacity of 1 kWh with a weight of just 4.1 kg and a volume of 1.95 dm³. As a result of the low weight and compact volume, a much higher performance density is achieved for various applications than with comparable battery modules.

Performance Data (Sample Module)
Nominal voltage3.6 V
Ampere hours182 Ah
Energy capacity655.2 Wh
Weight2.7 kg
Volume1.22 dm³
Dimensions211 x 87 x 66,5 mm


The individual configuration capability of these compact battery packs is extremely flexible, just like a system of building blocks. Even the rating of the individual battery cells is variable, from 2.5 Ah to 500 Ah/3.6 V and upwards. Thanks to the new laser connection technology developed by Kreisel Electric, the cells have a much better contact to each other. This new technology has been especially optimised for series production with an industry leading manufacturing time of just 15 seconds per kWh.


Because of the lower internal resistance of the battery cells and improved connection between one module and the next, lower increases in temperature occur even under high load, compared with the standard modules previously available. A special new highlight is the implementation of a liquid medium for the active cooling and heating of the batteries. This produces a better range on hot summer days and during cold spells in winter. At the same time, the service life of the cells has been greatly increased.


Each battery cell is protected individually. This means that a defective cell can be isolated from the other cells both mechanically as well as electrically. The complete failure of the battery can thus be avoided. The Battery Management System (Kreisel BMS) developed in-house has been perfectly fine-tuned to the new battery cells. The system meets the highest safety and quality standards, offering every customer a guaranteed maximum loss of 20% after 250,000 km of operation, e.g. with the Kreisel Electric Caddy that has a range of 350 km.

Markus Kreisel

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