The Electric Yeti – Object Of Desire With Power And Endurance

By 10. Oktober 2015 Allgemein

Two motors packaged in a highly efficient concept deliver breath-taking 4WD performance.
170 kW split between two axles develops an acceleration of 0 to 60 kph in 2.6 seconds. That doesn’t leave much to the imagination. With a maximum speed of 180 kph and a range of over 350 km, electro-mobility welcomes a new star to its ranks.

This car is a prototype and not for sale. We are currently in contact with partner companies regarding mass production of cars with Kreisel batteries. We keep you up to date in our blog, newsletter and on Facebook.

Markus Kreisel

About Markus Kreisel

Markus, der mittlere der drei Kreisel Brüder war schon in frühen Jahren von der Idee beseelt die Mobilität im Straßenverkehr effizienter und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. Sein täglicher Anfahrtsweg zum elterlichen Betrieb durch eine schöne Naturlandschaft ließ bald Ambitionen heranreifen die Emission so gering wie nur möglich zu halten, ohne auf Fahrspaß und Dynamik verzichten zu müssen.


  • Horava Miloslav sagt:

    I am very impresed by your achivement. Is it possible to order the electric Škoda Yetti.
    Thanks for answer.

  • JRichard sagt:

    It is a pity. exactly what car I want

  • Karel Ploransky sagt:

    Dear Kreisel brothers!

    You have all my sympathy for what you are doing, bravo. Finally someone to show the big car producers, that IT IS POSSIBLE.

    For me – as i am not wealthy – ideal electric vehicle would be……

    * i do NOT NEED
    ** a sportscar! All i need is a family car / home – work – home traveler
    ** robotic driving
    ** touch displays, always online features, integrated navigation, etc… simple power efficient radio with mp3 player will do
    * i do NEED
    ** standard combi chasis (pretty much any brand would do)
    ** reasonably strong electric motor, reasonably big battery – thus reasonable mileage (350km is sufficient)
    ** power efficient heat pump for heating / cooling
    ** i need the car to actually be AFFORDABLE, max 20000 EUR

    Good luck to You guys! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!

    Regards, Karel