Electric VW Caddy – Range 350 km

By 23. Dezember 2014 Allgemein

A new project has been launched: the Kreisel Electric VW Caddy. This van offers an impressive range of 350 kilometres and thanks to its efficiency is perfect for logistics and fleet duties, or as a people carrier in its 7-seater form. The efficient motor delivers an extremely comfortable ride due to its continuous acceleration. Compared to similar electric vehicles, it does not suffer from lack of power during any phase of acceleration, neither at high nor at low driving speeds.


The front-wheel drive with 82 kW synchronous motor and single-stage transmission reaches a maximum speed of 165 kph. The driver can toggle between two driving modes: D (regenerative breaking active) and S (sail mode). The sensitivity of the electric regenerative braking can also be adjusted by the driver using the plus/minus key on the automatic lever.


5856 type 18650 cells provide a total capacity of 60 kWh and guarantee a range of 350 kilometres. Two battery packs with a capacity of 30 kWh each are fitted. Each pack weighs just 170 kg – including the casing, BMS and electronics – and their nominal voltage is 345 V (performance weight 5.5 kg/kWh and energy density 2.7 dm³/kWh).


The 22 kW on-board charger connected to a conventional domestic mains power outlet fully recharges the battery packs within 2.5 hours. The vehicle is also ready for DC rapid charging, which charges the battery packs in less than an hour at a charging capacity of 44 kW.

We would be pleased to organise a test drive so you can find out for yourself how well the Electric Caddy performs. If you are interested, just send an email to info@kreiselelectric.com.

Kreisel Electric VW Caddy
Type of driveFront wheel drive
Drive system82 kW synchronous motor
TransmissionSingle-stage automatic gearbox
Driving modesD (regenerative breaking active), S (sail mode).
Maximum speed165 kph
Regenerative setting+ / - key on automatic lever
Battery5856 type 18650 cells
Battery weight340 kg
Total capacity60 kWh
Range350 km
Nominal voltage345V
Performance weight5.5 kg/kWh
Energy density2.7 dm³/kWh
Charger22 kW on-board
Charging time2.5 hours
DC rapid chargingDC rapid charging-ready

This car is a prototype and not for sale. We are currently in contact with partner companies regarding mass production of cars with Kreisel batteries. We keep you up to date in our blog, newsletter and on Facebook.

Markus Kreisel

About Markus Kreisel

Markus, der mittlere der drei Kreisel Brüder war schon in frühen Jahren von der Idee beseelt die Mobilität im Straßenverkehr effizienter und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. Sein täglicher Anfahrtsweg zum elterlichen Betrieb durch eine schöne Naturlandschaft ließ bald Ambitionen heranreifen die Emission so gering wie nur möglich zu halten, ohne auf Fahrspaß und Dynamik verzichten zu müssen.


  • Thomas Collins sagt:

    sounds like the vehicle the US Postal Service is looking for to replace their fleet!

  • marko sagt:

    Can you send the offer.

    • Thank you for your interest, the Caddy will be available in mid-2015 and there will be Version with 45 kWh and 60 kWh capacity. Available as a conversion kit or as a complete vehicle. More information to technical details and price will be published in the next 2 months.

  • Hi!
    I’m highly interested in this VW Caddy you’ve developed. Will it be available for leasing in Sweden and if so; when/at what monthly rate?

  • Daryl Cleary sagt:

    USA ?

  • Håkan Ehrnst sagt:


    How much does your eCaddy cost?

    Delivery time?

    Best regards

    Håkan Ehrnst
    Emax 90s 2010
    Zero S 11.4 2013
    Renault ZOE 2014

    • Thank you for your interest, the Caddy will be available in mid-2015 and there will be Version with 45 kWh and 60 kWh capacity. Available as a conversion kit or as a complete vehicle. More information to technical details and price will be published in the next 2 months.

  • Francois Vezina sagt:

    Will the electric cady be available in the Canada?

  • Looks Great. Congratulations. Plans for Canada abytime soon?
    The first manufacturer who provides a mid size SUV/Van like this one, in numbers and not just limited to compliance locations in North America will likely own the most popular segment of the EV market for a long time. God speed to you!

  • Andreas sagt:

    As the batteries are the same Tesla uses, how much of the BMS is similar? Does the Caddy use liquid cooling for batteries to ensure same temperature?

  • Will you be able to upgrade the Renault Fluence battery (currently 15-17 KwH, 290 kg) to a 50 KwH capacity with an upgraded charger and DC charging capability? Because if you could there are 1200 Fluences in Israel who could be your clients in the next couple of years.

    • Yes it would be possible to upgrade the Renault Fluence battery to 50 kWh capacity with a total weight of 290 kg. Not so easy is to update the charging system.

  • Gilabert sagt:

    Le Caddy sera commercialisé par le réseau WW ?
    Reprendraient ils mes anciens kangoo ZE?

  • Thanks, this is very interesting.

    What’s the status of the project?
    It’s been two months since the ‚in the next two months’… 😉

    I’d love to bring this to Finland.

    • Hello, we work very hard on the caddy project, many thanks for your interest, maybe for Finland you can plan next year. Because we have so many inquiry for the car in Austria and Germany.

      • Sami Lappalainen sagt:

        Thanks. Would you consider selling it as a kit sooner so that we could spread it locally in Finland?
        We have two Caddys ourselves, I could turn at least one of them to an electric showcase vehicle.

        Is your plan to mainly target new vehicles, or do you yourself plan to retrofit this to existing used Caddys?
        Our primary interest is turning used vehicles electric given the high price of cars in Finland.

  • harel sagt:

    Hello. im the owner of one Fluence ZE. you know the price for the update to 50kw ???


  • João Lopes sagt:

    Hi,whats the maximum battery pack you can put in a Nissan Leaf 2011? Thank you

  • Bjoern Nordbotn sagt:

    Dear Mr. Kreisel,

    It is rumored about a collaboration between Keisel and VW related to E-Caddy. Moreover, the price of the car is mentioned around € 45000, -.
    As you are aware, Norway is a pioneer country in terms E-mobility and there is great interest in cars of this caliber here. Could imagine such a car and wondered what the current status is in this regard and whether it will be available to residential customers and in case when.