Electric Transporter – range 300 km

By 28. Juni 2015 Allgemein

The Kreisel Electric Transporter is a highly efficient van with a load capacity of 3.5 t – a goods vehicle of the highest quality with a drive system of the future. Thanks to its range of 300 kilometres and its extraordinary cost efficiency, it is ideal for logistics and fleet applications. Up to eight passengers can be seated in comfort in the nine-seater Tansporter Bus version. The Transporter will also be available as a long version with a total load volume of 15.5m³.

This spacious transport van reaches a maximum speed of 130 kph and offers a very comfortable drive with a very low noise level. Plus, the efficient motor with our in-house developed single-stage transmission for rear wheel drive delivers an extremely comfortable ride due to its continuous acceleration. The position of the accelerator pedal is used to control power recuperation and braking is also supported with electrical power.

8,640 type 18650 cells provide a total capacity of 90 kWh and guarantee a range of 300 kilometres. The weight of the two integrated battery packs is just 250 kg – including the casing, BMS and electronics – and their nominal voltage is 389 V (performance weight 5.5 kg/kWh and energy density 2.5 dm³/kWh).

A 44 kW on-board charger fully recharges the battery packs within 2.5 hours. Charging can take place using conventional domestic power outlets as well as type 2 charging points with 3 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW and 44 kW.

Markus Kreisel

About Markus Kreisel

Markus, der mittlere der drei Kreisel Brüder war schon in frühen Jahren von der Idee beseelt die Mobilität im Straßenverkehr effizienter und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. Sein täglicher Anfahrtsweg zum elterlichen Betrieb durch eine schöne Naturlandschaft ließ bald Ambitionen heranreifen die Emission so gering wie nur möglich zu halten, ohne auf Fahrspaß und Dynamik verzichten zu müssen.


  • David Dyntar sagt:

    Wie können Sie so etwas schreiben? Allein die nackten 18650 Zellen einer 90 kWh Batterie wiegen ca. 400 kg! Wie kommen Sie auf 250 kg?
    David Dyntar, Switzerland

  • Jean gaudreau sagt:

    How much for this vehicle?
    Will it be available in Canada?

  • I drove one they have better power than the diesel rival, very awesome in 2 years they will go 300 miles

  • Do you have any plans to market the Electric Transporter in the United States? I read above that you do not have plans for sales in Canada, but California (and the other states which follow California’s guidelines on clean fuel vehicles) would be an outstanding location for sales. Fleets, businesses, industry, transportation would all be very interested in meeting their clean air requirements with a Kreisel Electric Transporter.

    I would like to include information on this vehicle at our website and show it at our events, but would prefer to list it as available in the future, rather than simply as proof of concept.

    Thank you for your reply.