Coming soon: Electric Porsche Panamera

By 29. Oktober 2014 Allgemein

One of the best sports cars in the world – the Porsche Panamera 4S – is currently in our workshop being prepared for conversion to an electric drive system. The toughest challenge is to retain four-wheel drive without the remotest loss of power. Despite the very small space available, we have managed to pack in 90 kWh of battery capacity. The result is a range of at least 450 kilometres.

Visually, the Electric Porsche Panamera looks identical to the original version both inside and out. Exclusively original instruments are used in the cockpit, adapted for the new electric drive system and battery. Even the heating and air conditioning remain the same.

The finished car will develop an impressive maximum torque of 770 Newton metres, an engine power of 360 kW and a top speed of 300 kph. The new Electric Porsche Panamera will use a 22 kW fast charging unit to fully recharge in around 4.5 hours. The next stage will be to prepare the vehicle for DC quick charging so that it can be charged 80% of full capacity within just one hour.

Markus Kreisel

About Markus Kreisel

Markus, der mittlere der drei Kreisel Brüder war schon in frühen Jahren von der Idee beseelt die Mobilität im Straßenverkehr effizienter und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten. Sein täglicher Anfahrtsweg zum elterlichen Betrieb durch eine schöne Naturlandschaft ließ bald Ambitionen heranreifen die Emission so gering wie nur möglich zu halten, ohne auf Fahrspaß und Dynamik verzichten zu müssen.

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  • Marc sagt:

    You should really talk to Tesla about charging your cars at their Superchargers. They’ve said their open to cooperations.