Kreisel offers comprehensive solutions for the energy revolution.

Kreisel is known for their development of the most-efficient battery storage packs for e-mobility as well as stationary storage systems. Originally driven by the vision of integrating the electric drive into all areas of mobility, Kreisel Electric develops the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries. The company’s projects now range from passenger cars, buses and trucks to boats and airplanes as well as stationary storage solutions. The core competence of Kreisel include battery development and production, integration & testing, prototyping & serial production and software development. As an international solution-provider, Kreisel Electric develops and produces the most-efficient battery storage packs for e-mobility as well as stationary storage systems.

The Solution Provider for the energy revolution.

Kreisel Battery Pack

The special assembly and the innovative thermal management are determining the high-performance of Kreisel Electric‘s battery technology. The battery cells inside a Kreisel battery pack are constantly cooled or heated through a special liquid so the battery has the perfect temperature at all times. The unique assembly technology through laser minimizes electrical resistance and offers higher charging power. Those and more secret ingredients deliver maximum performance and range for your electric vehicle. Above all the manufacturing is highly automatable and thus economic.

Kreisel Battery Pack

Kreisel Research and Development Center

As a technology leader in the field of electric power storage solutions, Kreisel Electric has already shown that innovation is one of the company’s core competencies. With the opening of the new high-tech research and development center in September 2017, Kreisel Electric proves that this innovation pushes the boundaries of battery production.


European Know-How

The Kreisel Electric stationary storage system was presented in 2016, followed by an innovative fast-charging station in 2017. In order to meet the rising global demand for its unique battery solutions, Kreisel Electric opened its new high-tech development center and production line in Rainbach, Austria in 2017. About 100 employees work there and about 2 people join the team per week.


Mechanical and electrical engineering

An electric vehicle is a complex machine where every part has to function flawlessly. Our engineers develop the necessary parts for a perfectly balanced car with profound know-how and experience.

About Engineering

Modern standards

Trained and certified employees work at their highest level to provide for an efficient project handling. With state of the art hardware and software we invent tomorrow’s mobility.

About engineering


To demonstrate what is possible you best make it reality. That’s why we create fully functional and licensed prototypes what is possible in the area of electrical cars.

About production

THE Founders

The Kreisel family have been involved in the electronics sector for more than 35 years. The brothers – Philipp, Johann and Markus – have teamed up to put their various talents together for a shared goal. Philipp is the mechanical engineer, Johann is the electronics specialist and Markus brings his commercial expertise into the mix.


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